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And then there are the ones I have recorded but have yet to watch. These include

Bates Motel (Crime. Horror, drama)

Based on Psycho. Saw bits of this years ago and now it’s restarting so I am interested to watch it.

A Discovery of Witches (Fantasy, horror, drama)

I know little about this despite having seen some promos, but basically it’s seems to be about, hmm, witches. Currently in its second season.

State of Happiness (Drama)

Norwegian drama which follows, so far as I can see, the fortunes of one small town in Stavanger when the oil companies pull out after having failed to find oil.

Bloodlands (Crime, drama)

No idea but seems to be a police procedural about a cop who has to face his past? Just started so I’ll be waiting till I have some more episodes before giving it a shot.

Zerozerozero (Crime, drama)

From the makers of Gomorrah. Sold on that one line alone.

Trapped (Crime, drama)

Seems to be about a politician who survives an attempt on his life. Another Icelandic drama, though this is season two and I haven’t seen season one.

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (Drama)

No idea. The blurb says “An unexpected wedding proposal brings three best friends together, until a series of secrets are uncovered and a dangerous obsession begins to spiral out of control.”

The Outpost (Science Fiction)

I have yet to watch an episode of this and it’s now on its third season. Every clip I see looks intriguing though.

Bad Banks (Crime, drama)

Again, no idea. “Successful junior banker Jana’s world collapses when she is dismissed without notice, but gets one last chance”. Hmm.

Briarpatch (Crime, drama)

Inspector returns to her home town to search for her sister’s killer.

The Terror (Horror, drama)

Apparently based on a real story, seems to take place somewhere in the Arctic Circle or somewhere?

Damien (Horror, drama)

Man realises he is the Antichrist. That's the kind of thing that can ruin your whole day!

World on Fire (War, drama)

Translator helps his Polish liver flee Warsaw as the Nazis close in

The Undoing (Drama)

Seems to be some sort of family secret thing? Getting great reviews anyway.

Trickster (Science Fiction)

Some sort of teen magical/supernatural ****. Was slated for a second season, apparently, but then was cancelled.

Guilt (Drama, dark comedy)

Built around two brothers who, heading home one night kill and old man. Hmm.

Trackers (Drama, espionage)

“Cape Town’s Presidential Bureau of Intelligence launches an investigation into a terrorist plot, while a shadowy smuggling plot gets underway.”

Evil (Horror. drama)

Kind of an X-Files thing it would appear, though with Demons. So maybe not so much X-Files as Supernatural? SuperXNatural Files? Renewed for a second season anyhoo.
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