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Default Linkin Park - Recharged

This Linkin Park album is one of their best, it’s a remix album but has fast tempo tracks. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I would call it “Trance-rock”. Rick Rubin is on the freaking album also with a second version of “A light that never comes”. I just to the album when I have something to do, like need to get things done and finished fast. This has never been an album to lay down and jam to, just more fast pace songs that blend dubstep, rock, pop, and hip-hop. How can this album ever lose with that many things going for it? It came out in 2013, so I was living over at west 9th street in Davenport, and then in Saint-Cloud in that year. Some of the songs they chose for this album are okay, not good, just okay. I would have done more positive titles to start the vibe of the song. Maybe it’s me but I pay attention to the name of the song I am about to listen to. Ultra-max picky about what goes in the years, and recently, thanks to Rhode Island I guess, I have had more vibes than normal.

Ryu, one of my favorite rappers is a guest appearance on the album, same with Pusha T and Bun B. They put hip-hop into a dance/trance album that is a remix album but of many types of music. Plus Ryu has Hiram Abiff lyrics on a techno/rap song “Skin to Bone”, with Mike Shinoda also rapping on that song. It’s my productive album, the album I go to in earphones when I need to clean up something or do a big file project on the computer and try to focus. This is Linkin Park’s second remix album, and much better and more modern. This album was released in the fall of 2013, I was living in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I remember jamming to this album in the large bedroom I lived in there. “Victimized” the Mike Shinoda remix is amazing, the tempo is fast, and the drum pattern is way different. This album is a blend of genres also. I think Mike Shinoda, of Linkin Park, should do a whole album of remixes of popular and new songs. I feel if he can drop instrumental albums and it is cool music, his remixes would be amazing probably. The remix he did to that Deftones song was great too. His new single “Happy Endings” is really catchy.

Dubstep, it’s on this album also. “Lost in the Echo (Killsonik Remix), Track number 3, is great how the remix sounds so much different than the original song. When the beat switches at around 1:15 on “Until It Breaks” Money Mark Remix, it has that guitar that makes the remix interesting. The cover artwork for this album is cool, it’s like a dude going up or something.

"After Reanimation, I told many people I would never put together another album of remixes...but as I began to hear all the amazing reinterpretations of LIVING THINGS, I had to change my mind. The result, RECHARGED, is definitely worth it. I can't wait for you guys to hear this amazing project, with contributions by Pusha T, Datsik, KillSonik, Bun B, Money Mark, and others. Our new song with Steve Aoki, A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES is on the album as well, plus a special remix of the new song by the inimitable Rick Rubin."; that quote is from Mike Shinoda’s Facebook back in 2013.

“I’ll Be Gone” The Schoolboy Remix, has a fast tempo also that seems slightly different than other dubstep or techno beats. Bun-B verse on “Roads Untraveled” remix by Rad Omen, is awesome. It is sort of a blend of techno and hip-hop, in a non-corny way I feel. I am looking at the credits on Spotify for these songs and Rick Rubin was on more than I thought also, it’s always been interesting to me that the albums I like; he produced. Rick Rubin is a great producer but, on this album, I think the Steve Aoki version of “A Light That Never Comes” is better and Rick Rubin Reboot could have been left off the album. But with the two “I’ll be Gone” remixes, those both should stay because they both sound different but it’s the same lyrics and stuff. If I had to cut one, I’d cut the Schoolboy remix and if I had to cut one of the two “Until It Breaks”, say goodbye to the Datsik remix.
7 Song Album:
  • A Light That Never Comes (Rick Rubin Reboot)
  • Castle Of Glass (M. Shinoda Remix)
  • Skin To Bone (Ft. Cody B. Ware & Ryu) (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
  • I’ll Be Gone (Ft. Pusha T) (Vice Remix)
  • Victimized (M. Shinoda Remix)
  • Roads Untraveled (ft Bun B) (Rad Omen Remix)
  • Lost In The Echo (Killsonik Remix)
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