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#3 Perverted by Language

it's not repetition it's discipline

What's Great About it: This record got the definition of "mixed" reviews for the very reasons that make it a top 3 Fall record. While The Fall were already an outsiders group even among outsiders, Perverted by Language confused a British music landscape just getting comfortable with the idea of Punk with its heavier reliance on repetition and experimentation.

however those that got it really got it, the opening track immediately displays how much the new krautrockian approach works...the mythology goes that John Peel immediately fainted on air after playing it

"Eat Y'self Fitter" is an unforgettable 5+ minute gripping chug of weaponized Kraftwerk and rockabilly that defies explanation, the practically one chord verse abruptly collides into one of The Fall's most zany and unforgettable choruses

the closer is as equally powerful as the opener, "Hexen Strife" is an insanely potent western swing and contender for the quintessential Fall song

in addition to the stand outs like the above mentioned tracks, the album is one of The Fall's most cohesive outputs, listeners that let the record run down to the last groove are rewarded with an experience like a prog record that still retains the anarchy and cynicism of punk, as you pick your drooling self up from the carpet to flip the record you wonder how much time has past and maybe if time isn't just an illusion altogether

the grounded set up allows MES to really play with his Free Verse poetry approach to lyricism running language experiments on some tracks and raging indictments on others

such is the wealth of discovery here, that a thought provoking conversation among the devoted continues today about the various meanings and significance of the lines found across these eight tracks

at the same time MES understood well the importance within the audio medium of using a phrase that "slaps you in the eyes" or sends an immediate jolt down the listeners spine and you find plenty of that here as well:

you know nothing about it/it's not your domain/don't confuse yourself with someone who has something to say

what's a computer/eat y'self fitter

it was the time of giant moths in the neighborhood of infinity/used to have this thing about Link Wray/ used to play him every Saturday

etc. etc. etc.

lyrically it's one of my favorite albums of all time, and for about half of it I still have no idea what this drunken Brit is going on about

there seems to be a relatable theme of claustrophobia and discontentment with the new quieter established home life with Brix as the vultures and stale hanger-ons of the music industry swirl around them, MES has something to say about everyone of them

speaking of Brix, the final plus to this album that I'll mention here is that she makes her debut co-writing "Hotel Bloedel", a mystifying track, her soft vocals, while still plenty punk both contrast and harmonize well with Marky's speak-sing

Why isn't it higher on the list: I think a case could be made for this actually being the best Fall album if you included some of the other tracks recorded at the time that would later be included in bonus editions

Kicker Conspiracy...Wings...Pilsner Trail

if these could have been worked into the original release you'd have an album just as powerful as the second and third Fall album
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