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Facts of My Day and related stuff...Received in the last month 1 Summons for so called non payment of Health Care..False....2 speeding tickets received with half of a kilometre of each other on our way to the Ophthalmologist hahaha...not funny then...
Today an email with threats of a Debter Dispute with the Agent for our Telephone/Internet Company SFR. Got on to them by Phone as this has been a case of Fraud since last October by and Ex employee of theirs. You would not believe this case cause I don't even..if you told me....I have a file of all the copies of emails exchanged and statements from them stating the facts...Do they do what they state..Nope...Their employees work from home their homes are around the World. Today I spoke with Louis again in Valencia Spain I can tell you he is friendly and helpful and shocked this is still going on 6 months later...Today he transferred me again to Fahd Mohamed in Morocco who before around January, almost managed to cancel ALL the fraudulent contracts made against us..This last contract for phone maintenance was not stopped so I cancelled it myself through our Bank...That is why I have now been threatened with execution I expect....Fraud via their company and yet me the victim is still guilty....Fahd said he will deal with it through the BOSS whoever that is..time will tell...Not so much effected my day because I would not let the buggers wear me down....

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