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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
Is it a mango thing or a Malaysian thing? Why does Ireland hate Malaysians?
I'm pretty sure that, if you check my History of Ireland journal, when Henry the Optical Illusion, King of England, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Wales, Scotland, The Isle of Man, One Little Island Just North of the Hebrides, The Rock of Gibraltar, Most of Africa Except for Ninety-Eight Percent of It And Anywhere He Damn Well Pleases (normally known as Henry the III) invaded England, his soldiers were armed with mangoes which they viciously attacked the Irish with. We had only Potatoes to fight back with and you know what they say - Mangoes where the gang goes, Spud are for duds.

To demonstrate his complete contempt of the Irish, in 1132 Henry actually appointed a large Mango as Governor General of Ireland. Its policies were something of a disaster, and its parliament was completely rotten.

We Irish do not forget.

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In short he wanted "to boldly go where no mangoes gone before."
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Jesus. I could tell you that as an eight-year-old without a college degree.
Yeah well as they're part of the animal kingdom... not sure they're much fun though.
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