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lmao that's a new one to me. If you come across any nice specimens of discussions on the topic do share them; I'd actually be interested in seeing what kind of misguided thought acrobatics they use to come up with their arguments

Edit: this got me thinking and I suppose they base their argument on the fact that they've heard that entropy will eventually cause the universe to be an atom soup that is the same everywhere? Which makes them think new DNA combinations violate entropy? In that case what they don't understand is that entropy tends towards randomness, but that's not necessarily sameness. To use an example that I've been working on, if you align molecules they're all pointing in the same direction, but the randomness is reduced, so it comes at an entropy cost. The analogy with our genes is shaky at best anyway, but even if we viewed all the world's genes as a communal DNA soup, enforcing that everyone has the same DNA is actually less random and goes against the entropy principle

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You sound like Buffy after they dragged her back from Heaven.
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I want to open a school for MB's lost boys and teach them basic coping skills and build up their self esteem and strengthen their emotional intelligence and teach them about vegetables and institutionalized racism and sexism and then they'll all build a bronze statue of me in my honor and my bronzed titties will forever be groped by the grubby paws of you ****ing whiny pathetic white boys.

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