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Originally Posted by Franscar
Looks like you need a little refresher. The war was declared against the ruling elite in Iraq, not the general populous. Hence the pointlessness of blowing them up. It isn't solving anything. Not even George W. would be stupid enough to invade Saudi Arabia, the Saudis have your government by the balls, hence why the US has invaded Iraq in order to secure its own oil supply. Think long-term, and the whole jigsaw slots neatly into place, I won't spell it all out for you, I think you're smart enough to work it all out for yourself.
We declared war on terror, do you need a refresher? Saudi Arabia has our country by the balls? Ummm, not really, but I do see where you are coming from. But the US has been working on becoming less and less dependant on oil, so if you think we went to war with Iraq for the sole, or even main reason of oil, you are wrong.

Originally Posted by Franscar
Dear lord, you really want me to answer that? Take a look at the fatality rates in Iraq for a big clue. Or the fact that British controlled areas such as Basra have very low levels of insurgent activity due to the way in which the British forces have conducted themselves. Then ask yourself why, if the Americans are so great, the Blackwatch regiment has been sent into the Triangle of Death near Baghdad. Sorry to dent your nationalistic pride in your army buddies, but they aren't very good at fighting wars.
Dear lord, the only reason we do things in this manner is to come the liberal pussies around the world happy. If we tried to be as sufficient as possible we would have bombed the holy hell out of everything. Even if you military is more intelligent and better trained, the technology makes the US military far more supreme than any other military world-wide.
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