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Hooked completely on French Apple Tart now....fiddlely at first but now can do it blind folded...
Pastry can be done ahead and kept in the fridge. four good portions...275 grams of plain flour, 225 grams of butter, pinch of salt and add a whisked egg towards the end. let it rest for an hour before rolling half out and half for the next one before the week is out...kept in the fridge with cling film or what you prefer to use.
peel and chop 3 apples cook in a saucepan for around 10 minutes on a low heat with 15 grams of butter and 75 grams of sugar.. stirring at first until the melt and juices start,,, mash if you want or just leave as it is when a little before adding to the rolled out pastry mix(yes it is rich and harder to roll out than normal pastry but you can easily push it about, so any holes or breaks can be sorted..nice to have the edges thicker than the main base as well] top with two more sliced raw apples or one if you prefer less filling..1 tablespoon of sugar sprinkled over the sliced apples and in the oven middle and medium heat about 160 degrees for half an hour approx or until browned to your taste...heat 4/5 tablespoons of apricot jam and carefully spoon the hot jam over the top of the tart. you can sieve some icing sugar if you wish and grill it for a few mins only but I seem to burn that so do not do it now...seems long winded Carol but having now got the record for making so many in a short time, that I have just written up was all from memory now..well you know I had to edit it about 10 times Carol...

just wrote this to a friend I made on a gardening forum who wanted to stay in touch after I got booted off the one we were on does one get booted off a gardening, easy when you talk back to a mod what you think of there observations of you..most forums you have to be taking sh*t but not give it back....and the tart is a beaut....
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I'll check that dictionary, but in the meantime I'm impressed - as is everyone else in the world - by your eloquence, obvious accomplishments and success, and the evidence of your blazingly high intelligence.
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He just doesn't have a mind so closed that it rivals Blockbuster.
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I own the mail
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