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Originally Posted by Psy-Fi View Post
That was also my first thought when I saw the thread title.

There is one dumb question in particular that stands out if only because it's probably the one I've been asked more often throughout my life than any other and that is: "Don't I know you?"

How the **** am I supposed to know whether or not you know me?
Yeah well that would be fine if the thread title was "Recall every stupid question you were ever asked". It isn't. All I asked is for people to recall the stupidest single question, so no, you're not expected to remember every dumb **** you took, sorry were asked.

A slight aside, well known Irish joke encapsulating the perhaps oddest answer to a question:

Guy pulls into rural Irish village, sees one old lad leaning on a gate smoking a pipe. Leans out of his car and asks how does he get to [insert place here].

Old guy on gate smokes, chews, thinks about it, smokes some more, nods.

"Well now," he says, "I wouldn't start from here."
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