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Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
lotta Glen Branca live videos

the composer John Cage described as frightening and dangerous (not really, he had a much more interesting critique, one of the best interview segments I've seen on YouTube)
If you're talking about the Navy Pier interview, yeah, it's a pretty good encapsulation of his thoughts.
I was there at that Branca performance sitting at the same table as Cage, he was clearly shaken -
and even tho Cage, later, came to terms with his dislike of the event by opening up some, it was clearly
a performance that reflected the antithesis of Cage's own, by that time, 30 year history of philosophical
turning towards a lessening of the ego. Also, too: I'm convinced that even tho two nights later, on the same stage,
Jeffrey Lohn's Theoretical Music was planned beforehand, it was pretty clear that Lohn decided to ham it up
excessively after hearing about all of the attention that the Cage/Branca situation birthed
(on radio and in the press and just the general talk by Festival goers that week).
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