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Originally Posted by franscar
"Liberal -------". My word. That must be the most stereotypical Yankee doodle bs I've read in a long time. Remember Vietnam? The US military bombed the holy hell out of everything there, and didn't achieve anything. Field Marshal Montgomery said in 1944 that a ground incursion into Asian territory was doomed to failure, and 50 years on the American army continue to prove him right.
Actually in Vietnam we had made it a point (and maybe even a military law) not to bomb Religious temples/buidlings etc. The Vietnameese would hide around/in these buildings knowing we would not use air attacks. There is much more to that story than you talk about. If we bombed the "holy hell out of everything" that would have been easily accomplished. We do have the fire power (as do some other countries) to make that a reality. I truly hope it never happens though.

I agree with Montgomery though, looking back I don't see how we could have been successful going on the ground into Asian territory.

On a side note, Happy Halloween everyone. Hope everybody had a good one.
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