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I'm carrying this stuff over from the Disc Golf thread so it's not completely derailed and while there's no Furniture Restoration thread anywhere here, not that I'd expect there be one, I figure this is as good of a spot as any. A bit of a hobby of mine, and I set up that huge wall of speakers in my garage to listen to stuff while I work on things, so this is what I'm doing while I'm listening. Sometimes. Lots of Yes and Goose in the background for this one, iirc.

Originally Posted by Plankton View Post
Its a waiting game now. The paint and glue need time to create a bond.

Turned out decent though.


...and it aint a disc golf rack but here's my next completed piece. A garbage/recycling bin redone to match another piece of existing furniture for a friend.

List of modifications:
  • Disassemble (the hinges were busted and the bottom plank was loose and just pinned with pin nails, also the handle/knob was old and loose with no anchors to keep it from spinning)
  • Sand with 100/150/220
  • Paint interior with flat black spray paint
  • Tape off painted areas
  • Fill holes/gaps in face board mounted to the wood drawer frame with wood putty
  • Run a bead of caulk around inside perimeter of face board/wood frame
  • Paint exterior with flat white ceiling paint (for texture)
  • Resand exterior with 150/220
  • Remount bottom hinge plank using liberal amount of wood glue and existing pin nails
  • Fill old hinge mount holes with wood putty
  • Paint exterior with gloss white (6 coats)
  • Wood glue bottom support planks in place (they were also only being held together with just pin nails)
  • Mount foot nubs to bottom support planks to get the frame up off of the floor
  • Mask off accent areas where the wooden rivets/nubs are to achieve a rectangular bracket look
  • Paint masked off areas gloss black
  • Reassemble using new black handle/knob and new heavier black hinges

Up next: A Work Bench with mounted vice, peg board, and places to store things.
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