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listened to your track on youtube, then saw Eric Burdon and Brian Auger Band and it was a memory of Red Wine, that stained us more ways than one...Just a normal kind of Xmas Gathering really.Daughter had moved to a stone's throw of us at Bexhill on Sea From Gillingham in Kent..not a nice story, or reason so won't.
She and Husband of hers and Grand daughter..was Honestly Miss Perfect..she is now to be 19 years of age in December...found to be also Dyslectic and got bullied at School a lot with Dramatic affects on her..back to Wine
Daughter spilt red wine on the pale grey carpet and pale grey settee/couch dont know what you call them..but know it was ruined..well did get sorted eventually and cleaned to almost think of that incident as and when Red Wine is seen...

Liked your description list as to what order you done it in, the bin furniture..methodical mind maybe..My late Dad was like that..a tool maker/centre lathe turner so exacting work...

Sound very little about them my mate Ash has one and he goes on a forum that I can only read, as was banned for saying no different jokes than a man does....haha...they talk on a section of sound equipment based all about this and that, I have just scratched my head wondering what the *uck are they talking about..I know I need to take this seriously though being into music in a big way...would improve the sounds for me at the very least.....
Dinns to prepare.. fun times in the kitchen..see what I cannot burn today...
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