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So, Tuesday night my friend and me were gonna head out to a local car show that I finally agreed to go to since there wasn't much else going on. It's every Tuesday night and I'm usually busy, but this time I was free so I decided to check out some nice rides. We figured we'd call our mutual friend to see if he'd like to tag along too since he lives a block away from the event, so we both rang him up with no answer each time. We shrugged it off and hit the show. About an hour or so into it my friend came up to me in tears telling me we had to go, and when I asked why I was told that the reason our other friend didn't answer the phone was because he had suffered a heat attack and died. ****ing floored me. Johnny was my new disc golf side-kick. I was just teaching him the ropes and he'd been progressing nicely since last fall. He was an older fella though and he smoked. Thats what got him. He'd been trying to kick it this last year too. I've known Johnny since high school and he was a very kind and gentle person. Gonna miss him.

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