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I dunno whether anyone here listened to any of my songs on soundcloud

But for those of you that did (or also maybe for those that didn't), I actually have 3 separate accounts on that platform.

One of which is the "main" current one ("Mucha Na Dziko"), the second one being a place where I can just post song/sonic ideas ("Tajemnice Jogi Poznania"), and the third one being the original one (called "Goodstuff & The Beauty Makers", and it was an account I started when I was 16, to post some ****ty songs – at the time I thought they were amazing – that I continued up until I was about 20, when I created the "Mucha Na Dziko" account, to cut myself from hat stuff)

Anyway, "Goodstuff & The Beauty Makers" is a joy to listen to. There are no rules or boundaries, there's just me being myself I guess
(not counting my greatest accomplishment – "The Cat Farm Trouble" – a concept album I made in Paris [but it's to personal/unfinished, that I keep it from being public])
And having some of the best ideas for songs, that I've ever had
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This thread reads like the synopsis of a tv series, in a good way
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