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Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
Yes, that's a good point - but the label that Bob really hated was the whole "prophet of a new generation" stuff that was written about him in the mid 60s.

I agree, Mucha. When I talked about Bob's age, it was just to "let him off the hook" a little.
Even with Oh Mercy , I thought the first side was excellent, but the second side was a lot weaker - and the albums since have their moments, but have a lot of lesser material too.

With your high praise for Keith Richards in old age, I'd better check out the album you mention.

Yep, you've ended up with one of his best, Dianne. My two favourite verses:-

That so paints a picture in song!
Making sure to listen to all my favourite songs with the lyrics...ok the music carries me away the lyrics sometimes just break me up...not that I care what people think any is just the once...tears can often be happiness I find...
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