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Originally Posted by jadis View Post
I'll do my thing of being hater of the debut album and question whether it's indeed comparable to the Cure's debut. Three Imaginary Boys, for all its limitations, opens with one of the most original songs of the entire era, 10:15 Saturday Night, and you immediately know you're hearing something special and get pulled into Smith's world.

Does Trials contain anything remotely as good? IMHO no. .
"10:15 Saturday Night" is good, but I don't think it was "one of the most original songs of the era", sounds similar to what other punk/post-punk bands were making at the time to my ears, e.g. Buzzcocks. Elph's comparison about both the Cure's and the Fall's debut album relating to their position and standing in their respective discographies holds water, I think.

For my money, I'll take "Frightened" or "Music Scene" over "10:15 Saturday Night" any day. An interesting aside, "10:15 Saturday Night"s drip drip drip was sampled to great effect in Massive Attack's song "Man Next Door":

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