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Originally Posted by TheBig3 View Post
Being a dedicated fan, it's not something you can do with everyone. I think I know maybe 7 Drake songs, and they're great, but I have no interest in checking out an album. Maybe I just got burned by so many 90's artists putting out two singles and 18 tracks of ****, but now that I'm not dropping $20 for those two songs, I only spend time on things that get me out of bed.

That and most Drake songs just make me wonder about ex-girlfriends and where they are now, and if they ever think of me, and how fun my 20s were.
I am that way also, with streaming services now, we get everything at anytime. For just $12 a month, I get every ****ing song ever! When CDs were going, you had to buy that whole album for the song you liked and than maybe another random. Couldnt even listen before you bought, **** was wack. Glad we have streaming now.
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