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Originally Posted by Exo View Post
James Bond you doofus.
Originally Posted by SoundgardenRocks View Post

I forgot, he popularized the brand, didn't he? My bad, I'll admit I'm not a big Bond fan. I've only seen the Daniel Craig ones.
Yeah, thought that would have been self-evident. I'm no Bond fan either (I think I've seen "Diamonds are Forever", "Goldfinger" and maybe "Moonraker") but I thought everyone knew that he drove one, and as you say, probably few people knew about the car until it featured in his movies.
Originally Posted by Guybrush View Post
I requested a (temp) ban when I was in the very last months of my masters thesis. I just wanted to remove distractions that might keep me from working.
I actually don't get that. I took one and two-year breaks from here over my time here, and I never needed a ban to stop me going back. When I wanted to make the break, I made it, and when I felt I needed to go back or was being drawn back or (god help me) missed the place, I went back. I guess some people have less self-control than others. (I can quit this place any time, honestly! I just... don't want to.)
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