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Originally Posted by Plankton View Post
Inparcerated 4 is this weekend and I'll be there DJing again, both days Sat and Sun, 12 hrs each day but I'm ready.

Here's footage from, I think, the first one. I'm in the beginning sitting behind the speakers at the 'command center' and you can see my setup and even my old Jeep I traded in last year. Then the camera goes into the crowd and zooms in on my buddy Matt (the Asian Invasion), who will be staying at my place for the weekend. He's the one who organized the B-Day round out in Des Moines for me. Great guy and one hell of a golfer.

Dave (the guy filming) recorded his entire round, so if you watch the whole 2.5+ hrs you can get an idea of what it's like to play inside those walls.
I see you, and Matt. He does look like a sweet guy; very nice of him to organize your birthday round. Hope you both have a great weekend. I like the punning event title: InPARcerated
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