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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
I think Big3 is confusing a middle-class job with working.
Yes, I'm so confused. What is work? How does it happen?

I don't know why you think anyone finds purpose in middle-class office jobs. Have you worked one? What was your experience?

Originally Posted by jwb View Post
nah i agree a purpose is healthy but i don't feel like the majority of people find their purpose at work.. if anything maybe their purpose is to keep going to work so their kids get fed. But if the kids get fed anyway......
I'll look for the article (I hope it's a thinkpiece so Frown will read it) but there was a post-AI job-type argument that said there are 5 or 6 C's that will constitute work that robots won't be used for. that's what I'm imagining people being slotted into. And that's generally where the fulfilment comes in. In helping other people.
Originally Posted by rostasi View Post
Also, the bone flute came from cave bears.
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