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Default And in the bay area...

There was a band out of San Jose, California known as the Chocolate Watchband. Not as well known as the Seeds or the Elevators, they nonetheless have their place in the annals of garage rock. For one thing, they were authentically a garage band in the classic sense, originally forming as the Chaparrals in 1965. Originally discovered by Bill Graham, who wanted them on a triple bill in the San Francisco scene, they instead changed course and signed with Ed Cobb and Tower records.

And here is where the fun begins. They would release a string of singles between 1966 and 1969 as well as three albums, each one different than the others.

Their punkiest album was the first one, No Way Out, in 1967.

Spoiler for are you gonna be there (at the love-in):

After some personnel changes, the Watchband recorded the more psychedelic The Inner Mystique which featured this inspired cover from We The People.

Spoiler for in the past:

After yet more personnel changes, they finished up with the disappointing No Way Out in 1969 and they split up for good not long after.

They would reunite in 1999 after a revival of garage rock with most of the classic No Way Out lineup. Bandleader Mark Loomis, who wouldn't participate in the reunion, died in Hawaii in 2014.

Nevertheless, the Watchband has its place in garage Rock lore. We finish up with an appearance in teh film, Riot On Sunset Strip, a movie that also featured Ed Cobb's other discovery, the Standells.

Spoiler for don't need your lovin:

(information culled from Wikipedia)
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