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Originally Posted by Anteater View Post
I don't have any deep seated beliefs really, so good luck with that Comrade. I merely have hopes that things will improve with time.
Ant's like: "I just post into the ether with conveniently disruptive contrarianism in conversations before spending a great deal of time explaining the details of what I'm saying. What even are words? Words can't fully carry the weight of thought, cannot define a man to his core. What kind of ridiculous notion is it to say that words said in a way that consistently sends a particular message can have meaning when meaning is purely in the mind? Does human action not occur within the plane of what we experience? And if we cannot be allowed to experience all possibilities of what can occur in that plane, are we not robbed of our freedoms in a way that destroys the possibility for the mind to emerge? Surely you do not want to completely eliminate the human capability for thought, no?"

And he probably expects everyone to say: "wow no I want humans to think. Here's a lot of reasons why" then dance away from the starting point of the conversation like it never happened.

But instead everyone's like: nah bro you're still transphobic because of what you said lol
Studies show that when a given norm is changed in the face of the unchanging, the remaining contradictions will parallel the truth.

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