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Originally Posted by Marie Monday View Post
Also what Frown points out about CRISPR etc. relates to what I'm nitpicking about: it's considering the issues and trauma that many trans people face as all being an inherent biological condition/state of confusion that needs treatment, and focus on these kind of biological treaments to easily erase all of those issues. It neglects how much of those issues are not a biological condition but due to society being ****ed up
It doesn't necessarily have to be a biological condition, It seems psychological to me.

If you were gonna make specific claims like it's a genetic defect etc then that would be a strictly biological claim that would need to be substantiated using biology. But i see that as sorta irrelevant to the broader conversation anyway cause let's say it's caused by genetics or by hormones in the womb etc. Unless you had a way to somehow prevent that from happening before it did, that doesn't change anything.
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