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Originally Posted by SGR View Post
To Tore's point though, the original Jaws scared the hell out of many kids from ever going into the ocean water again. I've seen it with my own eyes. Hell, even today, if I'm in the ocean water on a beach day and I start humming the Jaws theme to my wife (*daaaa dum.....daaaaa dum.....da dum da dum da dum....*), she'll immediatley get irritated and plead with me to stop.

Was it Benchley who didn't know anything about sharks, or Spielberg?

Jaws 3D did suck ass though.
It was Benchley. He was so upset and shocked about the backlash that followed the film, the amount of sharks killed, that he spent most of/the rest of his life studying oceanography and trying to spread the word that he got it wrong.

Spielberg I don't know. He just directed it, Benchley wrote the novel it was based on. I expect the Big S just assumed Benchley knew his stuff.
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