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Today is my friend Jenny's birthday. She would have been 35.

For those who don't remember or didn't see my post over the summer, Jenny committed suicide on July 12th. It was a complicated situation but basically, Jenny lost all of the things she had to care for. Her long time dog passed away in March and her long time boyfriend (one of my best friends) broke up with her unexpectedly after they moved across the country. That's a whole other story but I'll leave it be. We think those two things were what was keeping her going this whole time. Once she lost those, she just had herself to take care of, and she wasn't up for it. I hope she's at peace. I miss her a lot.

It's weird that I'm remembering her birthday that she'll never get to have. Life is f*cking bullsh*t sometimes.

Anyway, happy birthday Jenny. Love you.

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