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1. What is your favourite month, and why?
April for me, like Tristan. The winter is definitely over, and you can enjoy not only the bright days themselves, but the knowledge that you have plenty more to come before the winter curfew kicks in again.

2. What non-MB-related thing did you do immediately before reading this?
I have about 1 sq. metre of green in the broken pavement in front of my house which gets my obssessive attention, so I was doing 5 mins of what you might call "urban gardening".

3. What is or was your favourite board game?
Board games were a great source of fun in pre-internet days. They came like fads with me and my companions: Monopoly, chess, a world-domination game whose name I can't rembember, then Scrabble, and finally the Japanese game, Go.

4. Generally speaking, do you find it difficult or easy to find clothes in your size (in other words, are you a fat/tall/short/skinny bastard?)
The only difficulty I have is finding the enthusiasm to walk into a clothes shop. I preferred, in England, to go to charity shops, where you can look at clothes and books in the same visit.

5. What was the very first media you owned for music (CD/MP3 player/Record player/Gramaphone/Edison wax tube phonograph/caveman drums etc)?
Like you, TH, a box record player with a handle on the side so that you could carry it like a suitcase.

6. If you have a favourite flag, which is it and why?
I like the Brazilian flag, and rather shamefacedly must confess to liking the union jack too. Less, I hope, for nationalistic reasons than for its cool design. Used to be a v popular design motif back in the swinging 60s and more recently, for a school project, I remember showing my son how it was put together using overlaying crosses of coloured paper.
"Am I enjoying this moment? I know of it and perhaps that is enough." - Sybille Bedford, 1953
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