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Originally Posted by TheBig3 View Post
As of right now, I'm planning to vote for a Republican in the midterms to send a message before the general.
I have to question the wisdom of this as a plan. What message will your vote be sending? I support the Republicans in their bids to: -
(i) be led by a delusional conman and sexual predator
(ii) dismantle democracy
(iii) deny Americans the fundamental social safety nets enjoyed across Europe and other developed nations
(iv) ignore or lie about climate change
(v) legalise vigilanteism to erode abortion or whatever other civil right they don't like.

This good, compassionate, rational Democratic party sucks to be around. We really need to vote for a piece of **** next time who is willing to drown peoples dogs to get votes. I don't regret my Biden 2020 vote yet, but unless I see real work I won't vote for him in 2024. I don't care how scary the GOP is.

The Left won't wake up until they really lose.
Yes, everyone is exasperated by the J Manchin deadlock, but with a 50/50 senate the Dems are in a real bind. In my opinion, that's not a reason to bail on them - on the contrary it means they need more support, just a little more push to get a real majority. All they need is a couple more senators, and J Manchin and Kyrsten Cinnamon Girl can go wrestle with their consciences in the privacy of their own bathrooms for all that anyone would care.
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