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Isn't this partially how Trump got elected? People voted "to send a message" to Washington? How did that work out for them? As an Irish person I can certainly understand your frustration Big3: the Dems seem like the big fluffy teddy bear party that really want your vote but won't do anything to earn it/ do anything to validate it once they've got it, ie nothing to make you glad you voted for them. But is it not the lesser of two evils? If everyone takes your attitude, no matter how pissed off they may be, are they not playing into the hands of the RepublicaNazis, who hope such a thing will happen? I mean, you're free to do as you want, but when the Racial Police or Thought Police or Police Just Because kick down your door and haul you away or shoot you because reasons, you might think differently and regret your decision.

I agree Biden needs to stop smiling like some ****ing grandfather you love to see but can't wait till he goes, and needs to ****ing DO something, but the alternative is surely too scary, especially if you're poor, a poc, trans, liberal, muslim, vaxxer, climate believer or [insert thing that annoys RepublicaNazis here]...
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