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Iranian parliament proposes legislation to ban pets.

In November of this year, the Iranian government proposed a law that would ban pets in the country. The Protection of the Public’s Right Against Animals was introduced by a group of 75 legislators who described pet owners as “a destructive social problem.” The new law would ban the breeding, buying, and selling of wild, exotic, and dangerous animals. The problem is the definition of these animals extends beyond the animals that might typically fall into that category.
In addition to objectively exotic or dangerous animals like monkeys and crocodiles, the ban would apply to cats, mice, rabbits, and dogs. If passed into law, the ban would result in pet owners facing fines equivalent to 10 to 30 times the monthly minimum working wage in addition to the loss of the animal and (for three months) the vehicle used to transport it.
Some suggest the idea behind the law is rooted in Islamic law which considered dogs to be impure. When it comes to cats and other pets, however, the waters are muddied. Cats have long been beloved in the Muslim faith. In fact, according to some myths, the prophet Muhammad himself outlawed the killing or persecuting of cats. As such, the proposed ban has sparked outrage among pet owners and animal lovers alike. Only time will tell what fate awaits felines and their friends in Iran.
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