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Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
didnt you just get abortion rights

I'd be wary of Irish conservatives
Yeah the point about that is it was, as most big decisions here are, done by referendum. The government - whoever is in power - have to abide by that. Any of the four parties (three really, see last election when Sinn Fein won but nobody would form a govt with them so we are where we are) would have put that referendum forward based on public opinion and clamour and debate; none of them could refute the results. Not like there where they make a law and that's it. I mean, have you even ever HAD a referendum? Does American politics recognise the term?

This country is completely conservative, with a small c - comes from being so dominated by the Catholic Church for centuries. But we're nowhere near a right-wing event. We just don't give a ****, or those who do are too much in the minority to ever make a political difference. If need be, I could see all Irish parties (even Sinn Fein, the "Republican Party" - that means a different thing here than it does there) coming together in solidarity against fascism.
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