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Meet Japan's very busy "Do Nothing Rent-a-Man"

Tokyo — Throughout his 38 years, Shoji Morimoto had become accustomed to being told by family, classmates and co-workers that he was a "do-nothing" — the kind of guy who stood back and let others take the initiative.

So, after college and listlessly shuttling through one dispiriting job after another, he finally decided that if the shoe fit, why not wear it. In 2018, unemployed, on a whim, the self-described slacker opened a Twitter account under the moniker "Do Nothing Rent-a-Man," and began offering his diffident companionship — but not a drop of sweat equity — to the world.

"I lend myself out to do nothing, which means I don't make any special effort," he told CBS News while seated in a local park, between gigs. He schedules up to three appointments almost every day. "I don't initiate conversation. I reply to chitchat, but that's it."

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