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Originally Posted by Tubeileh View Post
TEE - Kraftwerk
I'd venture to say that Kraftwerk's 3D Catalogue has far superior versions of every song they've done and is probably (at least one of) the ultimate electronic album(s) in terms of significance of songs and it's ability to captivate you despite it's long length, anywhere you start takes you through a trip of what came to be known as techno along with industrial standings and a lot of lush just great synth tones. I used to listen to it quite a bit but alongside that,

Another favorite recently has been this monster of an album:

Psychic TV - Origin of the Species Volume Too! A Second Supply of Two Tablets of Acid

This has been wonderful to dig into recently along with PTV's entire discog
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I'll check that dictionary, but in the meantime I'm impressed - as is everyone else in the world - by your eloquence, obvious accomplishments and success, and the evidence of your blazingly high intelligence.
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He just doesn't have a mind so closed that it rivals Blockbuster.
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