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1. Do you mostly buy online (Ebay/Amazon etc) or do you prefer to support your local shops when you can?

I like to try before I buy but sometimes thats not possible.

2. Who, in your opinion, is or was the world's greatest leader (dead or alive)?

Mario Andretti

3. What sport(s) are you good at, if any? Alternatively, if you're not good at any, or don't play, what sport, if any, do you like to watch or follow?

I've dabbled in many but never really excelled at any of them.

4. What is, or was, your favorite cartoon?

5. What is your weather like today?

Shit. I need to move where it's sunny and 80 degree's. Like maybe Bora Bora. Definitely not Bora Bora though, I hear it's closed up.

6. What sounds do you generally hear from your window on a regular basis?

Currently where I'm staying, traffic mostly.

Bonus question for nerds:

6a. What is Soylent Green?

Me. I'm the ingredient. Let's eat.
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