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1. Do you mostly buy online (Ebay/Amazon etc) or do you prefer to support your local shops when you can?

Mostly online but I try to stay away from Amazon if only to make myself feel better.

2. Who, in your opinion, is or was the world's greatest leader (dead or alive)?

3. What sport(s) are you good at, if any? Alternatively, if you're not good at any, or don't play, what sport, if any, do you like to watch or follow?

Debate bro blood sports.

4. What is, or was, your favourite cartoon?

Batman: The Animated Series

5. What is your weather like today?

Cool but still worryingly warm for January.

6. What sounds do you generally hear from your window on a regular basis?

My dip**** dog barking.

Bonus question for nerds:

6a. What is Soylent Green?

Green ent soil.
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