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1. Do you mostly buy online (Ebay/Amazon etc) or do you prefer to support your local shops when you can?
I use ebay a lot
2. Who, in your opinion, is or was the world's greatest leader (dead or alive)?

3. What sport(s) are you good at, if any? Alternatively, if you're not good at any, or don't play, what sport, if any, do you like to watch or follow?
I suck at sports and only enjoy watching football (by which I mean soccer), especially the women's variety, but I rarely do. Also ice skating (for speed, not figure skating) and snowboarding can be nice to watch
4. What is, or was, your favourite cartoon?
see last week's answer: I grew up without a tv, and never got into animated series of any kind (although I know there are some nice ones)
5. What is your weather like today?
grey and fairly cold. Typical English weather
6. What sounds do you generally hear from your window on a regular basis?
people talking/yelling and sometimes a car
Bonus question for nerds:

6a. What is Soylent Green?
I refuse to answer because I'm too cool for nerd questions

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You sound like Buffy after they dragged her back from Heaven.
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I want to open a school for MB's lost boys and teach them basic coping skills and build up their self esteem and strengthen their emotional intelligence and teach them about vegetables and institutionalized racism and sexism and then they'll all build a bronze statue of me in my honor and my bronzed titties will forever be groped by the grubby paws of you ****ing whiny pathetic white boys.
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