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Ye I agree Tristan. For me, on first listen TEE kind of sucked, but for some reason the stubborn repetition and the monotone voice with german accent wouldn't leave my head. With other electronic music, especially modern one, they may start with something Kraftwerk would start, but at some point there is some sort of "release", where they break the stubborn beat. Kraftwerk refuses to do that. They do not break it, but just keep shoving that same repeating sound down you, almost like a trance.

That psychic Tv tune is quite interesting I will say
Thats what I love about Kraftwerk too, they find a groove and know it’s gonna get stuck in your head anyways so why not hammer it in y’know
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I'll check that dictionary, but in the meantime I'm impressed - as is everyone else in the world - by your eloquence, obvious accomplishments and success, and the evidence of your blazingly high intelligence.
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He just doesn't have a mind so closed that it rivals Blockbuster.
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I own the mail
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