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Originally Posted by PostPsychosis666
holy ****
metallica previewed some new song

METALLICA premiered a brand new song during their headlining appearance Tuesday (June 6) at Waldbuhne in Berlin, Germany. According to several fans that attended the gig, the as-yet-untitled track is about eight minutes long with a "killer main riff" and "lots of double-bass parts."

holy ****. wish i was there.
Hopefully Ill be there

And Blainka, Soulfly will be there! So ill do my best and Ill post up any video's. Most likley of me just drunk, but ill try n include some music!!!
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this pole about famouz peds only son. urban hatmonger gotta get his work reconized, gotta make a name fo hisself. naamean?
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ad anyone wanting rampant sex with a hairy horny welshman may feel free to take me up on that one :D
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