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Hehe, here we go...

I think KoRn are great.

I can't stand Screamo or HardCore or whatever you want to call it, the constant double pedal and the screaming and the lask of much talent really gets on my nerves. I may be wrong, but it's been true for all that I've heard of it.

The same goes for most thrash metal, slayer and the like.

Megadeth kick ass, and Risk > Rust in Peace

Why the hell do modern mainstream bands have to constantly repeat and copy older music? it's perfectly possibly to even be a tiny bit original, perfectly replicating your influences isn't cool, it's lame, get a life, get inspiration, or don't make music, they clog up the airways, and make actual original bands who sound Good hard to find, cause of all those damn scene/Emo/10 year old wannabe punks who listen to one single on repeat all F*cking day.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of it right now
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