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Originally Posted by DontRunMeOver View Post
I agree with that. Really its for the benefit of the teen, not the 'baby'. But its the teen's body and I think she should be able to do with it as she pleases. Or, well, she should at least have the choice in matters like this.
Then we are on the same line.

Originally Posted by CityLightsLikeRain View Post
My friend is fifteen and pregnant. She's seeing it through though. I commend her spirit, I dont think I could stand to be a mother at fifteen.

But being eighteen on the other last boyfriend didnt want to use condoms, he just wanted to pull out(but thats how my fiftee-year-old friend got pregnant). He said accidents happen and if it did, he'd pay for the abortion. That really pissed me off because it was like "you would kill off a symbol of our love because accidents happen?" Bull****. I'm still pro-choice because REAL accidents do happen, like a condom breaking, or daterape. But not using a condom is a concious decision.
Yeah, I guess you're right. But why didn't you start taking the pill? It's more secure than condoms, and it makes your tits grow.
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