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Originally Posted by Moon Pix View Post
I saw this interview a while ago with Roger Waters where he said that it actually took a lot of persuading on the bands part to get "Interstellar Overdrive" and "Pow R. Toc H" on the final album because the producer wasnt interested in them, he was more interested in Barrett's pop songs.
Producers are usually wrong. They are more concerned with making the album accessible to consumers than fulfilling the artistic aspirations of the musician. Which I think is what a producers job should be.

But sometimes producers have the right idea. Nevermind is one of my favorite albums, and I love Butch Vigs production even though I know that Cobain hated it and wanted to produce a lo-fi, muddy sounding record like all the Indie stuff around that time.

Originally Posted by Moon Pix View Post
I don't know about that. Barrett once complained that because of the venues that they played the band were basically thought of as a dance band and not a band to actively listen to. The fact that people were dancing about to Pink Floyd instead of scratching their chin to my mind suggests that they were indeed accessible and that they werent trying to be so arty as to alienate people.
It was the 60s, the summer of love, everyone was high. They would dance to virtually everything.
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