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Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog View Post
You know that your statement is subjective right? And furthermore, I will fight fire with fire and say you're a deaf bastard and that he sounds nothing like drake. Airy vocals predate drake himself, and I don't think anyone heralded I&W as the next giant revolutionary thing.
I wasn't just talking about vocals, the whole whispery airy vocals over finger picked strumming combination acoustic guitar style IS something they both do, and Nick Drake did it first, so I don't understand how you can say he isn't repackaged feedback stolen from his predecessors when he is, he isn't original. Of course I could have misinterpreted your post, which wouldn't be that shocking and since when is sound subjective? You can say the Who sounds like 50 cent, that won't make it true.

Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog View Post
Did you even listen to the song before you hopped in here and got your condescension on?
You shouldn't really criticize anyone for being condescending, and yes I heard it, other than the added instruments it didn't sound much different though the fuller sound was nicer.
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Ive seen you on muiltipul forums saying Metallica and slayer are the worst **** you kid go suck your **** while you listen to your ****ing emo **** I bet you do listen to emo music
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