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If you think Johnny Cash is a poet, what about Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson? All of these are country but all have had songs recorded in the pop field and non-vountry lovers can't deny that they love the pop versions. Pick up some greatest hits cds of some of the traditional country artists and listen to the lyrics... I suggest starting with something like "16 Biggest Hits" (if you go to sonymusicstore you'll see a very large selection of artists under this title). You'll get a super sampling of some fabulous songs. Alan Jackson is another new one this month I bought.

Now I have to say a large portion of what I hear on the radio is not my taste and actually annoys me enough to turn it off but I'm lucky enough to live in Nashville so I can actually go see spectacular "country" live in small club settings. It's not unusual to hear the artists jump up and perform their hits unannounced but the songwriters singing their own version are pretty amazing.

So if you don't like country, don't blame it on the genre, blame it on radio for playing the same thing over and over.
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