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Are you saying you are playing in a country band but what you play is boring? If so, is that because you are playing places that only want to hear crap? If so, STOP THAT immediately You are just spreading the apathy playing bull. Sneak in some "fabulous country" and convert them!

At the risk of offending someone I shouldn't trash someone else's music choices but I've learned to appreciate good music and primarily from a lyrical viewpoint. I've been known to sing along to disco, pretend I know the words to rap songs, turn up metal on the radio once in a while and can't help it but since I'm from the south I grew up on southern rock. I don't listen to country "radio" too much but I buy country after listening to it online or just risking a purchase from a reputable review. And at the risk of sounding a little schizo, I think if you got in my truck right now the radio would be set on a Christian or Classical station.

But again, since I live in Music City I am blessed to be privvy to some really amazing stuff in the country genre...old and new.
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