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Originally Posted by JakeM2810 View Post
Hey guys, by the way, I'm new here.
I just love that heavy dark full-of-bass style of orchestral and opera music, um, like Phantom of the Opera for example.
Heavy basses with chelos and violins, and organs in the background filing the high-pitch void, with opera singers leading the tune. Its like heavy metal with the drums. lol.
So, are there any composers who write similar music that you know of? I tried Vagner, but him being an anti semi and me being a jew, well, it bothers me.
Note: This type of music was noted in Metal: A headbanger's journey as the roots of heavy metal. :P
I won't comment on Andrew Lloyd Webber's music.

Here are some much better composers and pieces:

Shostakovich - 8th symphony (Bernard Haitink conducting) or his string quartets (played by the Borodin String Quartet.

Sibelius / 4th Symphony (Simon Rattle) / lots of bass with this one

Alfred Schnittke / Ritual / Concerto Grosso I / try his string quartets as well

George Crumb / Black Angels (for amplified string quartet) / very "discordant", but you say you like metal so I figure it's no big deal



Richard Strauss / Salome

Richard Strauss / Elektra

both with Solti conducting and Birgit Nilsson singing

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