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Originally Posted by Zero1986 View Post
Hard Fi are signed to Virgin now. Arctic Monkeys have signed to Warners.
Now you just make stuff up on the spot. What are you, a compulsive liar or something? It's Hard Fi that are with Warner, and are openly major label. Arctic Monkeys are signed to only one label, and that is Domino Records. Before contriving things on the spot, you should bear in mind that this is the Internet for heaven's sake, and these things are pretty easy for anybody to check.

On the topic of Hard-Fi, in case there was seriously any doubt:

Atlantic Records :: Hard-Fi
WMG Recorded Music

Their myspace page where it openly states that their label type is "major": - Hard-Fi - UK - Alternative / Indie / Punk -

And Richard Archer's own quote which quite fittingly appears at the top of their Atlantic Records page:

"'What's the point of being parochial and small-time? You've got to think big.' - Richard Archer, vocals, Hard-Fi

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