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Flaming Lips -One of the top bands of today, Soft Bulletin is one of the best albums off ALL time
Bob Dylan -great songwriter but he nasally voice grates on me
Primus -never got into these guys,,,great talent though
Jimi Hendrix -never cared much for his voice but you gotta respect him
Paul McCartney - the man that released RAM will always get a positive score
Johnny Cash - no better country artist...ever
Rolling Stones - great up to 81, could care less about anything after
Talking Heads- I like 4 songs...that's it
Eric Clapton -can't stand Mr. Adult Contemporary ...lost his edge years ago
Wilson Pickett - love his work
The Zombies -Odessey & Oracle is the best album ever
Brian Eno - have not heard much
The Police -4 good albums out of 5
Jefferson Airplane -a little overhyped but I still like them
The Kinks -the Gods themselves
Buddy Holly - Like Chuck Berry, one of the true innovators of Rock n' Roll
Simon and Garfunkel - Love these guys
Stevie Wonder -early stuff=good later stuff=awful
Gong -have not heard
Ringo Starr (laugh all you want) like about 2 dozen songs
Lou Reed - Except Metal Machine, he puts out nothing but gold
The Hollies -Just finished getting my 11th Hollies Album
Chuck Berry -See Buddy Holly
Captain Beefheart- have not heard yet
Fleetwood Mac Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac is the bomb...anything else is mediocre (although I love Kiln House)

Instead of my top 25 bands here are my recent 25 most played

The M's
Simon & Garfunkel
Cloud Cult
Matt Costa
The Creation
The Delays
Great Lakes Myth Society
Man Man
Tapes N' Tapes
Frightened Rabbit
Blitzen Trapper
Kingsbury Manx
Okkervil River
The Seeds
The Sonics
Manfred Mann
The Move
Happy Ashtray
Los Halos
The Hollies
The Bees (or Band Of Bees)
What It Is
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