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Originally Posted by spineral View Post
Rap will be Disco today. Everything, including music, creates more tension between skill vs. talent. Will music be alive in 20 years? If life makes it far enough to see the day, then my guess would be Rap, Hip Hop will die out in a few years. Newer styles are born, and we learn from the greatest musicians who inspire us to be original. Hard telling to be honest. Rap and country may be mixed, Rap could be called "straightland". Let your imagination build the next 20 years.
Don't you think that's just a bit melodramatic? I'm hoping to see the first good (I mean good not decent) album from Mos Def since Black on Both Sides and possibly Lauryn Hill's sophomore album: "The Remiseducation of Lauryn Hill: Rasta Chronicles) but I'm not holding my breath...

Originally Posted by Raine View Post
But that's to say the underground will become almost nonexistant. And there will always be an underground for rap.
In all seriousness, contrary to my previous post, it's becoming more and more difficult to say what is and is not underground. Take Mos Def for example, he's sold over 1 million cd's (Black on Both Sides alone went gold) but he maintains a sound that is fairly underground, and you don't hear him much- if ever on the radio. Is he still underground even though he is fairly well known? A better example would be his fellow black star- Talib Kweil. He's sold plenty of records, he's on MTV/BET but his lyricism strays from the dumbed down topics of a "mainstream" rapper- is he underground or mainstream? You could also take Jay-z and Soulja boy. Jay is a mainstream rapper while Soulja is more of a bubblegum or hip-pop rapper. So the question I'm asking is what is underground? Is it the guy that sounds like a MIMS, Soulja Boy, or Luda but hasn't been discovered ye? Is it the guy who's sold millions but stays away from MTV and the radio? The way I see it, the term "underground" is more to describe the sound or "feel" of an artist rather than a status.
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