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Originally Posted by Zombeels View Post
I hope you are not talking about "Aim High Shoot Low". That is a great song.
No I meant this.

Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger View Post
Yes I can , but I have 100 spaces to fill so the obvious ones go in too.And I am trying to go about them in a different way rather than just go this band sucks blah blah blah.

Anyway this isn't about what I hate , this is about what irritates me. There is a difference , obviously the more popular bands I dislike I hear more because of their mainstream status, thus irritating me more.

And i'd hardly call Primus obvious , look how many people I upset with that one

And I put myself in it , what more can I do?
Well I understand stuff like this is for you to kill boredom for the most part, so it would be no fun without pissing people off. You already got me covered with the Roger Dean one.
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