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For me, most of the music i like from the US are quite experimental in nature.
You know, stuff like Kayo Dot, Zappa, Thinking Plague, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Mr. Bungle, Agalloch, Neurosis, Sonic Youth, maudlin of the Well, Spastic Ink etc.

There's also Death/Thrash metal which has produced consistently good bands.

I would also agree that there are a lot of good jazz stuff.

But, TBH, I wouldn't be surprised if someone gets bored of this list.
Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
Blues, R&B, Doo-Wop, Rock, Rockabilly, Zydeco, Punk, Hardcore, Country, Bluegrass, Techno, House Music and Rap all started in the US and you really can't think of many bands you like from there?
I do like some bands from those, but i can see how someone can get bored of it as well. Really, there are a LOT of generic/boring stuff from that list coming from the US.
This is from my point of view though...might not apply for anyone else.
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